About us

An acoustically treated room with a wide variety of lovely gears and precise monitoring is not going to translate the results you are looking for unless there is someone experienced sitting behind these tools and investing his knowledge and creativeness into your music.

With over 12 years experience in the audio world, through recording, mixing, broadcasting and electronics, and with a 5 years of theoretical background in Audio Engineering (Diploma in Audio Engineering, SAE London, UK) with an Electrical Engineering Background (LAU, Byblos, LB) and Electronics (BS in electronics), CraftLabMastering is proud to be one of the few state of the art Mastering and Restoration studios serving audio quality in Lebanon and the world.

A warm reception for an artistic atmosphere!


Message from the engineer:

When I conceived CraftLabMastering, my aim was to offer a true world class mastering service for artists in our region and abroad. I tried hard to get a full profit of my experience in Lebanon, England and Germany in order to get a scientific understanding to the physics of sound and eventually, the Mastering techniques and its secrets! The fruit of all that is to bring to my clients music that proudly satisfies their artistic vision!