A sprinkle of art, a dash of science!

Welcome to CraftLabMastering, the number one audio mastering studio in Lebanon and the middle east region. Our studio is based in Beirut, where all classic legends produced their albums (Feiruz, Umm Koulthoum, Kadim El Saher, Farid El Atrash, Warda, etc)

We provide both attended and online mastering for your music. We do that in an acoustically dedicated environment using state of the art reference equipment, with our expertly trained ears of course. This winning formula is sure to render your audio file to world-class standards, hopefully reinstating the values of high quality production in our society.

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About us

4 crucial elements, we have them, one can't be bought (EARS!). Flat acoustically treated room, Precise 3way monitoring, High quality analog/digital gears, Skilled and experienced mastering engineer.

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We at CraftLabMastering specialize only in mastering as it demands a unique setup, room acoustics, gears, and ears! We give to your music  a fresh unique sound which cannot be achieved in other mixing environment.

Why Master with us?

i Mastering

Wherever you are, online mastering is an easy way so your music lands in our studio! We guarantee that it gets the same attention as attended sessions. Free revisions available for fine adjustments. Upload here

Online Mastering