Services / Restoration

Since the invention of audio recording in the old days until the actual technology in Audio and Video, our world is getting more critical to the sound perceived. The rate of recording then is growing quickly, yielding to an increasing number of ruined recordings! Whether you are a professional or just getting started, you certainly encountered a situation where a re-take was not possible, or an accurate listening was not available, and ended by a bad recording! Audio restoration is the process of removing noise or any other unwanted sounds from sound recording.

CraftLabMastering's special restoration tools and techniques save your recording in a transparent way while maintaining the original quality untouched. Background noise (fans, air-conditioners…), crackles, clicks, spikes, buzz, hum, rumble, dc-offset, pops, ticks, scratches, esses, tape hiss, distortion and even delicate disturbing intermittent noises such as coughs, scuffs, phone rings, car horns, thunder, ambulance passing, page turns, squeaky chair and creaky piano pedals in a quite classical concert, interview, speech or conversation can be individually selected and totally removed to get your output as clean as possible!

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