Services / Re-formatting

Development in medium output due to the industry's technology has been so quick.

CraftLabMastering offers a re-formatting service so as to digitize any recording (on Vinyl, K7, MD, tape or other) into any different medium (CD or other).

The Process:

  • Signal passes though a transparent short path
  • Recording is converted by a crystal clear AD converter 
  • All digital equipment are synchronised with a steady master clock
  • All playback systems and gears are powered by a pure sine wave generator
  • Warmth can be added (optional)
  • Same perceived loudness will be achieved
  • Restoration could be applied to remove any hush, noise or crackles (optional)

CraftLabMastering expertise provides as well special packages to protect your material for a long term saving so as to prevent any degradation in the quality with time.

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