Services / Mastering

Mastering is the final creative stage for music production. It is the last chance to catch any mistakes in the recording and apply necessary processing to enhance the sound making it ready for commercial release. read more...

Why Master with us?

We, at CraftLabMastering, specialize only in mastering, as it demands a unique setup, room acoustics/structure, gears and ears! 

Our objective is to sonically serve your music and bring it into life. Our main concern is aesthetics and dynamic range. The Mastered version will sound better and not just louder! We believe in high-end analogue gears without the commonly used digital presets. Our engineer's technical skills in electronics implemented custom-built processors into the Mastering chain to sculpt the sound we want. 

We have experience in all genre of music with a fine selection of tools that covers all that. We further ensure that the final result is problem free and works well in most playback systems. One revised master with fine adjustments will be offered free of charge when you and our experienced engineer are satisfied. 

We speak 4 languages: mni7ki 3arabi, we speak English, on parle le Francais, hablamos Espanol. As for the logistic part, CD-Text, UPC/EAN and ISRC Codes (with all necessary metadata) are inserted respectively, followed by a QC with a burning diagnostic test. Our clients will get a high resolution mastered track (9624) for archive, one low resolution for quick online buffering and another version conforming to the new "Mastered for iTunes" encoders. We deliver a DDP file instead of Audio CD for less burning errors. more on DDP...

With our experience and fresh set of ears, your music will surely be ready for distribution, with no regrets, problem free, consistent and satisfying your ears!

Our expertise allowed us to conceive a Professional Mastering Suite with a unique analogue vibe!

The Process:

  • Careful & Critical Listening
  • Removing Unwanted Noise & Clicks
  • Equalization & Compression
  • Adjusting Phase Issues
  • Adjusting Stereo Width
  • Peak Limiting
  • Choosing Right Fades
  • Track Sequencing & Spacing
  • ISRC Codes & CD-Text Insertion
  • Choosing Appropriate Dither
  • Burning Test and QC
  • Secure Integration Through Playback Systems and online formats

Why should I have my tracks mastered?

  • Do you need a professional opinion concerning your music?
  • Have you ever wondered why your music sounds different in other playback systems (nightclubs, car, TV, Radio, surround systems) than in your listening room?
  • Have you ever tried to reach the same sonic results of other commercial releases?
  • Are you looking for a punchy tight bass, a warm deep spacious sound, or a loud and dynamic track?
  • Do you need an assurance that your audio is problem free and working well on any format (mp3...)?
  • Do you want your album/EP to have a consistent and smooth music flow with unified tone and level?

Whether you're a DJ, Mc, musician, producer or artist, Mastering is the key to get a well crafted and defined sound that takes your song to accepted standards.

What shall I send to the Mastering engineer?