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Apple has developed a new hi-quality technology for iTunes AAC encoding (iTunes Plus), called Mastered for iTunes.

CraftLabMastering has integrated these encoders into its Mastering chain to ensure the compatibility of its masters under new Apple regulations so that the clients can hear exactly how their music will sound on the iTunes store. Clients will benefit as well from sending high res-audio files to iTunes with 24-bit and a sampling rate up to 96KHz. Mastering for iTunes demands few changes in the workflow such as track gaps, timing, submission, metadata, segue, processing and others. Contact us if you want to submit your tracks to iTunes Store.

In fact, the morality behind this technology is to save high fidelity audio within this era of loudness race. For optimum results using Mastered for iTunes, any hyper-compression or hard limiting should be avoided. CraftLabMastering discipline has always been to deliver dynamic tracks full of life with no listening fatigue or pumping effects, thus conforming to new iTunes specifications and serving music as the sound engineer and artist intended!

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