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CraftLabMastering's 3-way Mid-field high-resolution speakers, being integrated perfectly in a reflection-free zone, permit to our fresh set of ears the full profit of their features: Transparency, Flat Response, High Headroom, Low Distortion, and Wide Band (from 22KHz down to 25Hz). Our Passive monitors with clean low level listening, are connected to a 500 watts/channel high end amplifier, not for level though, but for its high headroom (so that any tiny peak in the music will be snatched!) Mid field monitors set up is a standard in Mastering. It mimics a home listening situation. Near Field Monitors are best suited for recording and mixing studios, not for Mastering. This is why we at CraftLabMastering chose 3-way passive midfields as reference.

Listen to our fat microscope!


EQ: Custom designed, hand-made vacuum tubes and solid-state equalizers, together with linear phase digital ones ensure a dimensional, tight and punchy (if appropriate) mix. The process is transparent, yet it warms up a digital harsh mix!

Dynamic Processors: Our valve vari-mu and quad VCA mastering compressors with high headroom dual stage limiter, add depth to the music, enhance the stereo image and take the dynamics to its maximum range, yet keeping it as natural as possible, with little listening fatigue.

CraftLabMastering strives to leave the music with some air to breath, while still keeping it in accordance with competitive releases.

Converter: All analog outboards are integrated into the digital domain through crystal clear converters with steep filters and steady master clock by a short signal path with minimum active stages.

DAW: Specific software controls all digital tasks with precise DSP arithmetic.

Insufficient decimal calculation may degrade sound resolution, loose ambiance and reverberation, introducing distortion, buzz and harshness.

Verification process: Digital media are subject to data dropouts and burning errors. 

CraftLabMastering’s special measurements tools ensure through internal media verification test, the integrity of the disc surface with minimal C1 errors (BLER) and zero C2 or CU error. 

Every single project then passes by a last auditioning quality control (QC) through different playback systems and environments.

Our ears know well how to manipulate those!

The Room

CraftLabMastering's room was built and treated with the highest international standards for mastering to ensure a precise and flat monitoring environment.

Diffusers, absorbers and bass traps were carefully selected and spotted under accurate acoustic room measurements to ensure a flat and linear frequency response, along with a reflected energy from the rear wall that enhances the direct sound in a nicely decayed curve.

A flat environment is a must!

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